AEC Profiles - Access, Educate, and Collaborate with employees and partners within your own searchable network. We’re combining knowledge management with the connectivity of social media to make your work easier.


Customers’ perspective:


As vendors come and go so does their knowledge. When you invite them into your network, they share their knowledge in a way that adds value for current and future employees. This is the key to capturing and protecting your intellectual property, improving productivity, and reducing cost.

VENDORS’ perspective:


Vendors can create awareness and educate their customers about the value and insights they are delivering to them. In turn, they can capture critical information about the work their subcontractors are delivering. AEC Profiles gives them framework to be a trusted advisor, provide long-term value, and grow their business.

ISDs in Texas

AEC Schools currently includes Texas ISDs, Charter, Private schools and their vendors. We are working with the fastest growing school districts in Texas to build this high value ecosystem.